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I am building this site to provide tips and reviews on tent camping gear. Whether you're just beginning to camp or want a better experience, we all could use tips on the best equipment to use.

The Need For Quality Camping Equipment

I love camping and have been doing so for over 30 years, so I have some interesting camping stories. What about you?

I have learned that when you are out in the elements, wind and rain, etc, it is best to have quality camping equipment, unless you wish to be standing out in the elements some hour in the night.

Cheap Tents

Cheap tents may be great for backyard camping where you can run inside if bad weather rolls in. I am not into backyard camping.

I like to pitch my tent by the water on the windiest site in the campground where I can hear the lap, lap, lapping of the water,  and see and hear the fish jumping. And lately I have even seen turtles swimming by.

However if you have a cheap tent you can use a tarp or a canopy to protect it from wind and rain if needed. 

Note: In this picture the tarp is over the canopy.

Camping Reviews and Tips

I love looking at tents and reading reviews on them. So I will provide the pros and cons on buying tents for various types of camps, i.e. family camps, hikers, etc., and other miscellaneous camping gear.

I will provide tips on how to have a better camping experience. Since, I normally do family style camping, I will also provide tips on camping equipment that will make it comfortable. No need for the bare minimum unless you are hiking in.


There are some great videos out there that show how to set up tents, provide tent reviews, and tips. I will share them with you.

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