Family Camping Tents

Family camping tents are usually big and heavy 6 person or more tents, suitable for car camping. There are various types of family tents. You have dome, tunnel, cabin, and hybrids (combinations).

When choosing a family tent you want to think of space. How many people need to fit in the tent. You want to choose the right size tent so you will be comfortable even during rain. Consider -

  • if it needs to be a 3 season or 4 season tent
  • do you want to be able to stand up in it

A basic dome tent is of course shaped like a dome with a rectangular floor.

The basic dome tent has 2 poles that curve over and cross at the top of the tent.

This is a picture of my dome tent with a green fly.  Read more about it here...

A tunnel tent is a tent shaped like a tunnel with poles that arch around the top. Depending on the pole design they are good in windy conditions.

Cabin tents come with side walls that are nearest to vertical, which maximizes the living area.

When choosing a family tent you also want your family to be safe, so you want a tent that can stand up to the elements that you will be camping in. Consider the places you will camp at and ask yourself,

  • does it need to stand up to strong winds
  • does it need to be water proof

And remember the saying, “you get what you pay for”.

Brands of Family Camping Tents

There are many brands to choose from -

Eureka tents are some of the best cabin tents available in the USA.

Presently I own a Eureka 1512 with a removable divider that converts to a 2 room tent.

It is old and worn and almost time for a new one. I love it's size and airiness with the big windows.

Coleman WeatherMaster series are said to be durable and able to stay dry in long periods of rain.

Big Agnes

  The Big Agnes Flying Diamond 8 Person Tent has received great   reviews. It is a 4 season double dome tent, with a full fly and vestibule.

One of my camping buddies ended up with this by default (long story). When we put it up for her she was not happy. She thought it was a man's tent. So she switched tents with a male camper.

He found that it stood up well to the wind and rain, but it was hot. And the sun had not crossed the line into summer yet. Once he rolled up the canopy parts of the fly over the 2 doors, so the breeze could flow through, he was okay.


North face




Paha Que -These camping tents are well constructed and built with quality components and are considered reliable. They are great 3 season tents.

Northwest territory


Black diamond

Outwell – This is a European line of family camping tents, which I like very much. One day I may get one. They are built like suites and are expensive.

Vango – This is another European line, similar to the Outwell line, but not as grand looking and cost less.

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