Tent Camping List

A printable tent camping list for comfort in the great outdoors.

It's best to have a check list to remind you of all the things to take camping.  This camping gear list is based on driving to a campsite, but can be used by hikers as well.  Just check what you need.

Tent Camping Gear List         Notes:

___Rope, Guy lines, Bungee cord / balls    
___Floor Saver    
___Tarp                        Optional floor saver or protection from wind and    rain
___Tent Stakes, hammer  Take extra or better stakes than supplied with tent
___Broom & Dustpan        To sweep out tent before packing away.
___Seam Sealer   
___Duct Tape                 Always comes in handy
___Rope Tighteners          If you don't want to be tying knots
___Camping Beds             Cot, or air mattress to get off the hard ground
___Sleeping Bag / blanket  For cold weather or to sleep on
___Pillow (optional)   
___Sheets (optional)         Great for air mattresses
___Hammock (optional)   
___Kitchen Tent / Canopy   
___Tables                       For food prep, and eating
___Camp Stove / Oven/ Grill   
___Lighter, matches   
___Cooking and eating utensils   
___Pots, pans, griddle   
___Plates, cups, bowls   
___Wash basin   
___Camping fridge / Coolers   
___Water bottles              For collecting and storing water
___Camping chairs   
___Food storage bags, foil   
___Dish washing liquid, cleaners   
___Shower Tent   
___Camp Shower   
___PortableToilet              Better than the trees, ladies especially
___Towels, wash cloths   
___Soap and toiletries   
___Toilet paper                Preferably biodegradable
___Batteries / fuel for lights / lanterns     
___Gas for lanterns   
___Mantles for lanterns       
___First aid kit   
___GPS / compass (optional)   

Click here to print this Camping List

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