Camping Trailers, etc.

Camping trailers and tent campers are towed behind another vehicle, and you have roof top tents and campers that attached to trucks and cars. Listed below are some of the various types -

The Pop Up Camper Trailers -

These pop up trailers have a hard roof with fabric walls like a tent. It includes a compact kitchen, beds, a dinette, and possibly a couch. Some even come with bathrooms. All of this folds down into the trailer box for storage and travelling. These are also called tent campers on some websites. Click here to read more...

Tent Campers

The tent camper has a trailer box like the pop up camper trailer, but it's just a tent and bed that folds down into the trailer box. However some fancy tents can come attached to these trailers. Click here to find out more...

Flip Out Camper and Roof Tent

The flipout camper is attached to a pickup truck. The roof of the camper flips over to become a tent on top of the pickup truck, with living space below.

This is a very cool feature for a truck.  See the video for the Flip-Pac Convertible Camper Shell for an example -

Click here to see 'roof top tents' for cars -

A-frame Tent Camper

I found the A-frame camping trailer set up amazing. I had seen one at a campground in America before, but I had never seen one set up. While it is all hard walls, it is shaped like an A frame tent, and although smaller than many pop up tent campers, it has some nice amenities.

See this example video

Small Tear drop Camper Trailers

The tear drop campers are quite compact, although they do come in different sizes. Some are big enough to have a compact kitchen inside like and RV. While the little ones can be outfitted with a kitchen that is accessible from the outside. The living space for the small tear drop campers can be increased by attaching a canopy or screen tent to it.

Here is a video of an Australian made design -

Motorcycle Camping trailers

Small camping trailers that can be towed by a motorcycle.  Read more...

These are just a few comfortable ways to enjoy yourself camping.

Go to pop up camping trailers...

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