Camping Stories 5

Camping stories 5 took place at Hog Bay Park.

I went camping on the weekend (March 14 to 16, 2014), with the pathfinders (boys and girls 10 to 16 years).

My friend Cynthia (C) and I shared my big tent.

The pathfinders had to hike in with their gear 3 to 4 miles, while Cynthia and I got driven in and helped set up all the tents. 

So we got to have a few extras, i.e table, chairs, air mattresses.

I put my table inside with my stove and chairs for C and I.

 We blew up 2 single air mattresses and I set up my camp toilet in a corner behind some tarp for privacy.

The others had to make do going in the great outdoors, and sleeping on the hard ground. 

I did hear a counselor or 2 complaining about how hard the ground was, smirk, and how they needed to get an air mattress like us.

The boys/men had to go in the trees and dig a hole, but they put up a privacy area for the girls/ladies.

They cut off the bottom of a bucket, dug a hole and stuck it in.

My Camping Toilet

So each time the girls used it they shoveled in some soil.   They could have used a seat on the bucket, which I was thinking of bringing, but left at home.  Hey, they were surviving.

The Girls Toilet

My toilet uses bags, and while it was convenient to have in the tent, having to dump out the liquid in the bag before disposing wasn't.  So I did some researching when I got back home and came across bags that gel, bind, and solidify the wastes so you just throw the whole thing in the trash. 

See the video -

Winter in Bermuda so far has had mainly warm days, but it was freezing this weekend especially on Friday night. Since C. lives only a 10 min drive away, we sent to get her another blanket, and bless her heart, her daughter sent 2, and she gave me one. Brrrr, much better. It was so cold C. and I went to bed early both nights.

Camping Stories 5
Trail Down To The Waterside

Cynthia (who has Parkinson's disease) and I took a walk down to the water side.  The trail was a bit rough and I was concerned that she would fall.  She has fallen a few times, once on a straight road.  So I was praying all the way down. 

She did great, but we forgot about coming back up.  However after stopping to pant a few times she made it back up safely. 

Can't wait to go again, shhhh, don't tell my husband...

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Some pathfinders caught a crab.