Eureka Tents

Family Camping Tents

Eureka tents are some of the best cabin tents available. They have great family camping tents. Here are a few.

The Eureka Titan

The Eureka Titan is a 9' 6” x 13' 6” tent with a removable divider for a 2 room space. It has great reviews about its ability to stand up to wind and rain. In fact a Consumer report ranked it excellent in set up and rain resistance. It was consider the best Eureka luxury tent.

The Eureka Condo

The Eureka Condo tent is 10'6” x 20'.  It is a very large and heavy family camping tent. The main complaint being it is too large or tall, making it difficult to erect. It also comes with a high price tag. It is a 3 room tent with a dressing room so you don't have to close windows when changing. Seems like a nice tent for a large family.

Equinox 6

My camping friend purchased this tent. It didn't move in the high winds that we always get at our site, nor did it leak in the heavy rains. However while she appreciated these features she wasn't satisfied, because it was not big and airy like my copper canyon. But I think I have convinced her to simply butt her great screen tent, which also did great in the same bad weather, up to it to make one big space. We will see.

Eureka Tents: The Copper Canyon Series

The Copper Canyon Series of Eureka tents is a great line of cabin tents which come in 5 sizes. The 8 person and 12 person are good family size tents.

My present tent is a Eureka Copper Canyon 1512, which I purchased about 6 years ago. It is considered a 12 person tent. It is a heavy tent which I put in a duffel bag with wheels, so at least I can wheel it around. I usually get someone else to lift it in an out of the car.

The side poles are sturdy steel and the top and fly poles are fiberglass. The fiberglass poles have suffered as casualties of camping in my favorite windy site. Thank God for duct tape.

However the newer version has thicker fiberglass poles.  I know because when they sent me the replacement poles they sent the wrong version.

When I last camped with my 3 grands I had 2 double mattresses plus a single mattress in the tent and still had plenty space for my grands to play in. It is a great space for my husband and I to camp in. I have a space for my double mattress and luggage, a space for my toilet, and then in the second room I have my kitchen space.

With the many large windows and almost vertical walls it is a nice airy space that my camping friends envy.

The down side with the Copper Canyon Series is the thin floor. You need a floor saver or tarp under it to protect it. Also on the windy side of the tent the rain leaks through where the zippers meet, at the corner base of the door. Since I don't want to worry about whether my tent will leak or not, if I know it is going to rain I erect a tarp to cover the windows and doors. That way my tent can remain open for breeze even when it rains.

See the video on the Copper Canyon Series of Eureka tents -

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