Hammock Tent: Why Get One?

Why should you get a hammock tent?

Clark Jungle Hammock NX-250

While people love to relax in a hammock as it gently sways from side to side, it is also great for sleeping in. While most people in the western world sleep on beds many people around the world sleep in hammocks. There are said to be over 100 million users.

However the hammocks used for sleeping are designed differently from the regular outside hammock.

The best hammock beds are said to decrease back pain and stiffness, help you fall into a deep sleep faster, with no tossing and turning so you wake up refreshed. Also there's no need for sheets, etc. When set up at the right angle for your body the hammock puts your body in a similar position to a hospital bed, which elevates the head. This is great for blood circulation to the brain and unobstructed breathing.

Many go camping with a hammock and tarp instead of a tent. The benefits are -

  • You don't have to sleep on the hard ground
  • It doesn't matter what the ground is like at your campsite, i.e. mud, rocks, flowing water..
  • It's comfortable to sleep on
  • It's light weight for backpacking
  • You don't have to cart a cot or bed,
  • You don't need sheets etc.

While a hammock and tarp gets a camper off the ground they are exposed to BUGS.

The additional benefits of a hammock tent are -

You don't have to purchase a bug net to go over the hammock, because it comes with a bug net attached, so you don't have to deal with BUGS!

Here are two examples of hammock tents -

The first is a Nube'

At the time this video was posted the Nube' was still being researched.  It is a 3 in 1 tent, and if I was into hammock camping I would want one.

The second is a Hennessy tent which also serves as a chair and lounger.

So go Hammock Camping!

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