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The Outwell tents are big outdoor tents; real family cabin tents. They provide enough space to sleep, play, eat and relax in. They are like suites, with sleeping areas, living areas, and porches, whether attached or an extension. They are quality tents able to withstand strong winds and heavy rain. And they come with extras, like carpet, and add ons or extensions, like awnings. I want one!

If you have never seen one, below are 4 videos of the some of their best.

The Outwell Montana 6P is a multi award winning tent, and one of their best selling tents. It is a 3 room tunnel tent. And while the 6 means it can sleep 6 in the sleeping pods, most say 4 is more comfortable. While its steel poles make it heavy to transport, it provides a safe and secure environment even in strong winds and heavy rains,. It has panoramic front windows for viewing the great outdoors even in rainy weather.

When I enquired about a good tent this was the one they recommended.

I also read that the Outwell Wolf Lake 5, Nevada MP, and the Bahia 7 where also award winning tents in different categories in the Camping Magazine (UK).

I really like the Outwell Wolf Lake 5 tent.  It is huge. I like how the porch comes already attached to the tent. It would be a great area for a kitchen. No need to have a second tent or to erect a tarp covered area for cooking in.

It is made with polycotton, which makes the tent warmer in the cold and cooler in hot weather. The Canopy has a removable ground sheet which can be zipped in or out. It is also stands up well in heavy rain and strong winds.

The Outwell Bahia 7 was awarded Highly Commended in the Category “Best Family Tent” by the Camping (UK) magazine. It is a 4 room (3 bedrooms + 1 living room) tunnel tent.

Talk about huge!! It also has a porch or canopy which is great for use as a kitchen. It has add on zip on pods, for storage, cooking, and sleeping.

The Nevada MP was awarded Highly Commended in the catergory “Best weekend Touring Tent” Camping magazine Editor's Choice Awards 2013 in the Best Touring Tent category.

However, it has fiberglass poles, which according to my experiences usually break in high winds. But it does have Outwell's wind stabilizer system used to keep tents stable in strong winds.

See the Outwell Tent Collection taster video for 2014 -

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