Paha Que
Family Camping Tents

Paha Que family camping tents are built with quality components and are considered reliable. They are great 3 season tents. They are spacious due to their near vertical walls. They come in gray and orange or the XD series gray and blue.

An 8 Person Tent

The Promontory 8 person tent is a roomy 12' x 10' cabin tent due to it almost vertical sides. It can be divided with a removable room divider into 2 rooms 6' x 10' with separate doors.

The windows and doors on this tent are said to make it feel like a screen tent with a fly; very airy, and great for star gazing without the fly. It is said to be Paha Que's best tent for camping in bad weather.

See the following video of the Promontory tent.

A 6 Person Tent

The Pamo Valley is a 10' L x 10' W x 7' 9" H cabin tent, and is their tallest tent so far. 

It also performs well in bad weather, such as hard rain and strong winds up to 50 miles per hour.

The poles are made from 100 % aluminum, so the tent weighs less than 30 lbs.

A 5 - 6 Person Tent

The Green Mountain 5 XD is smaller at 10' L x 8' W x 6' 6" H, but has that same open airy feel, due to the almost vertical walls.

It has steel side poles for stability and fiberglass for the roof. They say one person can set it up in under 5 minutes.

An 8 Person Tent

The Perry Mesa although advertised as an 8 person tent 14' L x 10' W x 6' 6" H is really a 4 person tent with a screen room. The screen room is said to also sleep 4, but it doesn't have a floor.

Paha Que Tents Get Great Reviews

These are really nice tents that get great reviews. I have considered buying one, but I really would like one that is 2 rooms 12'W x 14'L to 16'L. I'm waiting. May have to suggest these dimensions to them.

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