Roof Top Tents

Roof top tents are tents on top of cars, wow!

The car roof tent is convenient and is quick to set up. You carry your tent, poles, and bedding on top of your car, which leaves more space inside your car for other things and people. I remember times I have packed the car and then wondered where to put the children.

Then when you get to your campsite you pull on the ladder or release clips to pop open the tent. You won't have to worry about what type of ground your camping on, i.e. rocks, mud, water, or if there is room for both your car and your tent at the site.

Also you don't need stakes and quy lines unless you have an additional section that extends down to the ground. You could also expand the space with the use of a canopy or screen tent, of course that means carting extra stuff.

They come with foam mattresses so your don't have to cart sleeping mats or air mattresses. Quite convenient if you mainly need a space to sleep in.

How quick it sets up depends on the make and extras that come with it. Another plus is you don't have to pack and unpack your tent every time you go camping. It's stored on top of your car. How convienient is that?

Car roof tents have apparently been around for 75 years, but I had not seen them before until 2013 when I was looking for videos for pop up camping trailers.

Below are 3 videos of roof top tents -

This one pops up when you pull on its ladder -

This one pops up when you release clips -

And this one has an extension -

With all these camping trailers and car roof tents you have no excuse to not go camping.

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