Tarp Tents

Camping using a tarp tent or shelter is definitely roughing it. For one it is open to bugs. 

People use them because they are light and convenient as a backpacking tent. They can set them up by typing them to trees, which means taking rope or cord along with stakes.

Some people set them up using their hiking, ski, or trekking poles, or some other make shift pole. So you don't have to worry whether or not there will be trees available.

I guess they are great for those who like DIY activities. Seems to be man thing.

I mainly use tarp shelters to cover my tent, if I think I need extra protection from wind and or rain.  Or for my kitchen area.

Tarp Shelter or Tent Setup Videos

If you need some tips on setting up a tarp tent or shelter check out the videos below. 

This video shows a tarp shelter or tent setup using trees -

Here's one using make shift poles from a camera tripod -

Here's a video of one using ski poles -

This video shows a quick 90 second setup of a tarp shelter or tent, with the extra time used for the bed setup -

This is a video of 5 types of tarp shelters setup using a 3m x 3m size tarp -

Here's is a tarp shelter set up for camping in the snow -

Now I will have to eat my words about them being a guy thing. This video is titled 'Girl goes Back to Basics...' Did I mention roughing it... and also in the snow...

A tarp shelter is great if you want a cheap tent, just watch those grommets. However you can repair them or reinforce them with Duct tape. My method is to cover the grommet on both sides with Duct tape and punch a hole through.

If you can afford to spend more for a shelter you might as well buy a lightweight tent, since they can be lighter than the equipment needed for a tarp shelter or tent.

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Tarp Shelters

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