The Best Screen Tents

I have been searching for the best screen tent for my camp kitchen.  I would have preferred a canopy, but I couldn't find one that I could lift, that would be tall enough to stand in, and be able to stand up to wind and rain.   I have already been through 3 EZ Ups on my favorite campsite

So I started looking at screen tents instead.  Well I came across a few that I liked and finally settled on one. Here are a list of the ones I think are the best available.

#5 Paha Que LX Screen Room, 12x12-Feet

I was very interested in the Paha Que screen room, because Pahaque gets excellent reviews for their tents.   They have 2 sizes 10'x10' and 12'x12'. 

Pros:  It has all 4 side panels attached, which can be used as awnings, and has aluminum poles.  It is said to hold up well in high winds do to its many guy lines, and is said to do well in rain with the additional rainfly.  I could lift it, since the 12' x 12' weighs only 28 lbs.  This screen room got 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.  There is a set up video on Youtube.

Cons: Some said the aluminum poles broke when setting up the tent.  Pahaque's response was that they weren't setting the tent up according to the instructions.  Also, the tent is pricey, over $400 for the 10x10 and over $500 for the 12x12, plus for best results, during heavy rain, you need to pay extra for the rain fly, since it is not included.   Set up time, because I want something quick.

#4 Eureka! Northern Breeze - Screen House

Eureka is known for quality tents.   I have owned a Eureka family tent for almost 10 years.

Pros:  I love that it is 12'x12'.  It has sturdy aluminum poles.  It comes with a snap in floor, although it doesn't keep out insects.  It  has 4 drop down sidewalls, and 1 that can be used as an awning, and 3 poles for the awning.  It has 2 doors on opposite sides, which I was looking for.   Weighs 34.5 lbs which I could lift.

Cons:  It is said that when standing tall people have to bend to see out of the tent.  Price, it is over $400.  Set up time.

Quick Set Screen Tents

#3 Cabela's Quick Set Screen Shelter 150" x 150"

Cabelas' had Clam, the leader in  ice fishing shelter's, build this screen tent for them, based on Clam's quick set screen tents.  It can be set up by 1 person in 45 seconds.  Cabelas had Clam add more durable door poles, a zipper at the top of the screen, and a built in cooler door in the side panel. 

Pros:  It is quick and easy to set up, because the poles are attached.  The large flex-tested fiberglass poles are said to withstand wind, and it has water-resistant fabric.  It has attached wind/rain panels which can all be used as awnings.   

Cons:  Only 1 door.  Cost over $500 - I really liked this screen tent, but for the price.

#2 Clam Corporation Quick-Set Pavilion, 150 x 150-Inch

Pros:  This tent got 5 stars with 59 reviews; that is impressive.  It is  also 150" x 150" .  This version of the Clam has attached wind/rain panels with triangular shaped window panels.   It is said to set up in 45 seconds also.  There is a video of the set up

Cons:  Only 1 door.  Some say the top falls in during high winds.  On contacting the company they said to ensure not having issues with the roof falling in it must be staked down in its natural resting position. And a review said the roof stopped falling in when the guyed it out tightly. 

The company also said, "the other thing to keep in mind is these products are not made for inclement weather. If there is a strong wind or storm it's best to take it down".  Once it is set up I don't want to have to take it down until I am ready to leave.  They also said, "some customers have fashioned a pole for the center of the roof to help stabilize it when needed, but we do not offer a product like that as of now". 

For the price, over $400, it needs to stand in the wind.  I was afraid to take the chance.

#1 Pinnacle Screen Tent with Awnings and Side Walls - 11 x 11 feet

Pros: It has 5 stars so far.  It is quick to set up, since poles are attached.  It has aluminum poles.  Comes with 4 attached awnings that zip completely close, and 8 awning poles, wow.  Most only come with 2 awning poles.  Said to do well in rain and strong winds.  The rain fly is included.  Door completely zips open.   The product description says 2 doors on either end, yeah!!  US$ Price $319. 

Cons:  Weighs 56 pounds, mercy.  Guess that's because of the extra 6 awning poles.    For me, the size, only 11' x 11',  and walls appear to slant slightly inward. 

So my choice was #1.  Just placed my order, 6.27.16.  Click here to read about my Pinnacle screen tent.

Here is a video of another Pinnacle screen tent showing how to put it up -

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