My Camping Stories 3

One of my camping stories about my adventure and mishaps while tent camping.

This story happened when my friend Cynthia and I where cooks at a local camporee for kids 5 to 9 years old. About 9 clubs were present each in their own campsite.

It started to rain cats and dogs, so the leaders decided to take all the children and leaders from all the clubs into the camping hall to sleep. However myself, Cynthia, and Eltie from our club decided to stay in our tents; too many people in the hall.

The tent that I was sharing with Cynthia had a tarp over the top, but rain was leaking through the tarp and the tent. Water was also coming up through the floor. It was water water everywhere.

So I tied another tarp inside from corner to corner so the water would not leak in the center of the tent. Than I put another tarp on the floor and scrunched it up around the sides like a tub in the center of the floor. We put our camping gear and bedding inside the tarp tub and had the other tarp over our heads.

Well my friend Cynthia slept like a baby through it all including lighting and thunder.   I sent up many prayers for protection from the lighting.  

I got up many times to dump the water collecting on the tarp tied from corner to corner in the inside of the tent. I would push the tarp up where water was collecting and it would pour out around the outside of the tarp tub inside the tent.

In the morning I teased her that if it wasn't for me she would have drowned in the tent.

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