My Camping Stories 4

Another one of my camping stories.

It was 1999 and I was the Director of a Pathfinder Club. We had traveled to Oshkosh, Wisconsin from Bermuda with about 8 other clubs with the Bermuda Conference Pathfinder delegation to the World wide Camporee, at Camp Scholler and the EAA Airventure grounds.

This camp ground is enormous. It took almost 15 minutes on foot to get from our campsite to the Hangers A, B, C, & D, where all the activities took place. The camp ground has roads, streets and avenues. 

The site that Bermuda had that year was about 100 yrds long or more.

Bermuda's head quarters (an RV) was at one end and my club was camped at the opposite end.

Well near the end of the camping trip the weather turned bad. However I didn't really notice because I was sitting in our

Popup which was functioning as the kitchen dining area, and it was night time.

There was a commotion outside and when I looked out of the door one of my pathfinders was hyperventilating and 2 others were trying to hold her up.

When I asked what the problem was they said a tornado was coming. I responded, "there's no tornado coming" and they said, "yes it is". At that time I looked out at the camp road and saw others who were attending the camporee running, some with pillows in their hands. So I ran out to the road and someone was going by in a golf cart telling the people to stay where they were, because there was no more space in the hangers or the Red Barn. I don't think those buildings would have stood up to a tornado any how.

Apparently head quarters had forgot to send someone down to the opposite end to inform me of the coming tornado. Needless to say there were a lot of praying children outside the Popup that night confessing their sins and asking for forgiveness.

Finally the Bermuda leader came and said the tornado had split in half and gone around us. I didn't really believe it until I got back to Bermuda and a parent told me the same thing.

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